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trying ditz on a project: looks promising # Updates for 2011-01-20

@trashbird1240 ha! I saw that conversation. I was entertained # @tius that just went into ~/.emacs thanks # finally made it to a LUG. been a while #

dot emacs conf00.d

Earlier I gave a brief overview of how my config file is loaded. The first directory loaded is ~/.emacs.lisp/conf00.d/ Where we find the following files: bbdb.el dired.el misc.el paren.el ui.el uniquify.el bbdb I do not have anything particularly interesting or fancy here. It loads bbdb and adds it to a hook. (add-to-list ‘load-path “/usr/share/emacs/site-lisp/bbdb”) (add-to-list [...]

Audio desires

Current Situation I have a significant lack of audio options in my house and I love listening to music. I spend most of my time in my office which does have good audio. However, when I am in the rest of the house the options are severely limited. The wife and I both have laptops [...]

Cooperative for a tablet?

Background I stumbled onto a post about android which provides a contrarian view on the ‘fragmentation of android’. Most pundits are pointing out how fragmented the android platform has become and how that is a weakness when compared to the unified front of iOS. The android app market has also been dubbed ‘The Wild West’ [...]


A couple weekends ago I attended the CPOSC in Harrisburg,PA. The home of 3 mile island. This was a five hour drive for me,  so I was uncertain at first whether I should go. However, Ontario Linux Fest was canceled and there was a talk on Puppet. It is risky to bet an entire conference [...]

Too many options

I have started a new job at the awesome Voalte. As a quick overview we do hospital voice, alarm and text (thus the VoAlTe) using ejabberd, freeswitch, nitrogen, etc, on the backend and iphone on the frontend. It is a slick solution to the communication problem that faces hospital staff. I have *just* started this [...]

Fail Whale

Edit: Apparently, this was announced last year! I guess I use apps that are as out of the loop as I am. Perhaps I am not plugged in enough. A few days ago all my twitter apps stopped functioning. Twitter is not an integral part of my life and so I figured it was something [...]

Searching for the internet’s tea person

For many years I have been making really great coffee. Everyone who drinks it is amazed at how good the coffee is. While I would love to claim that I am some kind of coffee prodigy, I simply follow Tom at Sweet Marias. The guy is pure passion. All his product recommendations and bean selections [...]

There are reasons markets are under served

Things I knew before I started, but ignored: There is usually a reason that markets are under served. Here is some background before I get to the real story. I am somewhat involved in boy scouts, my son is a Webelo II and I volunteer for that I can. Last summer I volunteered to coordinate [...]

why eBook readers are great next year.

I recently succumbed to gadget lust and bought an ebook reader, BeBook to be precise.  I read a lot of books and luckily they tend to be public domain works from long dead authors. My tastes allow me to take advantage of the reader while not compromising my DRM == Evil stance. The overall experience [...]

Impressive Incompetence

Open letter to NYSIF: You should be congratulated. This is a level of incompetence of which I have not seen since ’90s. My scathing insult aside, what is that? The world has moved on. There are ther platforms out there such as OS X and Linux which have fully capable web browsers. You really [...]

Lisp Tutorial

This is a good idea. Lisp Tutorial

announcement: open qunu trial

After many long nights and lots of bug squashing we are finally ready to open up Qunu for general abuse. This is an invitation for everyone in the jabber community to try it out. Let us know what you think and how Qunu can be made better. So what is Qunu? <marketing-speak> In a nutshell, [...]

making useless things almost useful

Ever wonder what the point of that rss icon in firefox is? Ever go to a blog that you know has an rss feed, but you can’t find that stupid orange XML icon? It is suppose to make subscribing to rss feeds easier. The problem with firefox’s icon is that you can’t use anything except [...]

what if I want out?

Fred pointed me to Matt’s We Media Deal Which is all fine and good. What I want to know is; Can I opt out? I want another value path for the transaction. Sometimes I want to be able to just acquire the content. Especially if its something static like video or audio. I don’t want [...]

rss2email with podcast support

The other day I got really tired of While it is a great and simple solution, it has quite a few limitations, namely podcasts were completely separate from my regular feeds. I like automation, I particularly like automation that I can ignore. I have been using rss2email for a while. I even hacked it [...]

real ajax

Paul Tomblin is talking about learning ‘ajax’. The project he describes is quite an undertaking, and I wish I could help out. However, anyone who is learning ‘ajax’, should go read Paul Grahams essay on web2.0. Its well worth it.

I would like another one plz

We already are dealing with the fallout of our current monoculture. Why do we want another one? A good post over at

closing the open

A great post over at the Standards Consortium Blog about the latest rounds in opening office documents. You can read the whole post, which I recommend. Or you can simply look at the uml cartoon I made over at my other blog