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Linux on X1 Carbon Gen 2.

X1 Carbon Gen2 is the ideal portable machine. I have dealt with laptops from asus, zareason, system76 and apple. Nothing even comes close to this thing. It is light, but not brittle, nothing feels like it is going to fall apart in four months. Open the lid, press the power button and feel the smile [...]

gentoo pitfalls

Gentoo has its major perks. Ultimate flexibility, etc… However, the recent apach2 reconfig was a huge pita. I have a couple apache servers using mod_auth_pam. I just couldn’t get it to work, period. It turns out that you have to emerge the unstable version of mod_auth_pam. So if you find this, simply add net-www/mod_auth_pam ~x86 [...]

gentoo security sanity

Eventually I would like to automate this… but this is good enough for now: To see if you have any vulnerable packages hanging out on your system, you want to start playing with glsa-check. This is in the gentoolkit ebuild, so install that if you don’t have it already. Run: glsa-check -p all ack! what [...]

the joys of control

I just emerge world -u qmail had a new ebuild posted so that got upgraded, with new configs. I noticed the new conf-* files and faithfully ran etc-update to interactively merge them. The next 40min was spent figuring out why my gentoo system just puked all over itself. turns out that a bunch of hardcoded [...]


Today I ran across fuse. A very simple elegant way to put random things into the filesystem. I especially like sshfs-fuse. It lets you put any remote dir accessible via ssh into your local fs. very very handy. Looking forward experimenting with the webdav plugin once I get it working on apache.