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To FLOSS or not to FLOSS

I am struggling with a decision I never imagined I would have to make. Most of those who know me would be surprised at what I am considering. The question that is weighing on my mind is whether I should buy an iMac. (All the following is NOT derived with scientific rigor. It is merely [...]

cold war 3.0

We of course had the first infamous cold war. There is a second one occurring with tech companies, also known as the patent war. I am not going to bother outlining all the details of this, mainly because you should already be aware of it. If you aren’t, read Groklaw. Suffice it to say, the [...]

my suspicions are spreading

ok, maybe not spreading, but at least others are having a similar reastion to this web2.0 thing. its nice to know that I am not alone

unicode and why it sucks

I asked a friend who is a couple steps ahead of me in lisp about i18n support. And he pointed me to And we wonder why unicode has taken so long to catch on.

less is more, no its less, no its more…

There are quite a few people throwing the “less is more” argument around. Then there are the ones who argue that less is indeed less. You take a basic meme (sorry for using that word) like writing a howto, or documenting something for the public… i.e. sharing information. Then constrain it to a specific format, [...]

more of that

So here is some more: Of all these, I like reddit the best. Its the only one that provides a service that I couldn’t just slap together on my own system. Most of these new sites seem to be slicing the desktop app up into small digestable chunks and then ajaxing them. No [...]

web2.0 indigestion

so I have been trying to figure out this web2.0 thing. trying to separate the wheat from the chaf. When people say things like, “The engineers who built the Web believed that if they presented the ‘right’ answer, intelligent humans would be pleased.” What? Does that even mean anything? Wading through nonsensical statements like that [...]

collecting for later digestion

There are things happening out there which are interesting and/or hype. Well, they are mainly interesting because they are so hype-ish. ning rollya zvents fundable eventful of course there are many more out there. ones that have started it all…. like delicious, pubsub, etc.. and I will post them as I find them. It seems [...]

border crossing

Peter St Andre talks about living without an ID. I have a fantasy of doing exactly that. The question I have is if you do not have any form of government issued ID, how would you leave the country? And if you did, how would you get back in?

two easy

People are constantly babbling about ‘ease of use’ and ‘intuitive software’ (at least to me when I mention linux and foss). I point out to them what they really mean is either ‘more windows-like’ or ‘easy to learn’, not necessarily easy to use. There are two kinds of easy which are mutually exclusive: easy to [...]

watching it grow

For the first time in a looong time I looked at a bill before it was passed. This was the result of a friend asking me how he could find out who is rep. is. So I looked at S.5 which has something to do with the class action law reform. I just find it [...]

the anti-aunt tillie

We have all dealt with the clueless user that is beyond help. They are the developer’s nemesis, an entire discipline of computer science has evolved to help us deal with them, Julian is a student. In fact we have become so frustrated with this phenomemon that we even named it, Aunt Tillie My question is; [...]

if a tree falls…

I was reading Queue’s interview of Alan Kay and ran across the word Agglutination. Of course I had to look it up. In the definition it says, ” (For example, one of the longest words in Hungarian is ‘meg˙szent˙seg˙telen˙it˙het˙etlen˙seg˙es˙ke˙des˙ei˙tek˙ert, derived from the word ‘szent’ [saint]. However, this word is never used.)” Which begs the obvious [...]

then and now

If philosophic disciplines inevitably transform into science then what is contemporary philosophy?