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Fun with org mode and ssh

Quick org mode hack

OrgMode and Firefox conversations

I like to use OrgMode because I feel organized and in control. That is definitely an illusion, but it is a nice one. I am still using firefox to browse the web. Mainly because w3m doesn’t work well at all outside of plain text pages and ezbl is not yet ready. This means I am [...]


I have been using emacs for a while now. I would guess about five years. I would classify myself as a power user and not really a true emacs user. To be a ‘true’ emacs user you should at least be able to write elisp and generally hack emacs. Instead, I rely very heavily on [...]

Selecting whole buffer

Just ran into this emacs key binding. Someday I need to just read the manual and mark all the stuff I wish I knew already for later study. But since I will probably never do that here is yet another cool thing in emacs which I didn’t know about: C-x h runs the command mark-whole-buffer [...]

Emacs, the lisp OS

Not only can you edit videos in emacs now, but you can also create music. My initial response was WTF!? However, after watching the demo videos, I can see the practical uses.

I am now a jaiku lemming

I have been avoiding these social hype sites for a while now. I have simply failed to see the benefit. (besides sucking yet more of my time.) Today, stpeter posted that jaiku had a jabber interface. Anything that allows me to quickly utilize their service via emacs is very enticing. Since I use emacs-jabber jaiku [...]

adventures with planning

so I wanted to get planner working… here is a wonderful account of my adventures cd $HOME/.emacs-lisp #or whatever your home elisp dir is tla register-archive tla get–2005/planner-muse–mwolson–1.0 planner tla get–2005/muse–main–1.0 muse You now have all the code needed, now we need to edit your ~/.emacs (add-to-list ‘load-path “~/.emacs-lisp/muse/lisp”) (add-to-list ‘load-path “~/.emacs-lisp/planner”) [...]

more on gnus

To continue with my adventures with gnus … bbdb and how to use it. I am just figuring this out myself, so feel free to correct/comment on this. I wanted an address book and gnus doesn’t have one built in. Plus, I am inherently lazy. Typing Joh[TAB] is more appealing than typing Besides, manually [...]

How to be like me #2

rule #1 abuse the hell out of emacs, you will learn to love it. so lets get into how to do email, the Right Way[tm] use gnus. I have 4 imap , 2 pop, and 3 nntp accounts. Its a mess. I hate email. Why not make the best of a bad situation and make [...]

weekly emacs tipping #3

Since I am lazy look over there

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weekly emacs tipping

Due to popular demand, here is a randomly useful thing you should know about emacs. Something you should have in your ~/.emacs (require ‘iswitchb) (iswitchb-mode t) This turns on the extraordinary iswitchb mode causing no end of buffer switching delight.