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Usability and Programming

The Problem The holidays are coming and my wonderful wife, Adrienne, has started thinking about gifts for the family. One of the problems we have is that our entire life is digital, but it is not a promiscuous one. No facebook, flickr, twitter or any of the other numerous places on the net that give [...]

exprecs, making json usable.

Erlang and Syntax Many flames have been ignited over erlang’s syntax. Erlang as a system is exceptional; easy concurrency, clustering and OTP design principles to name just a few. However, its syntax has a lot to be desired. There are minor annoyances, like the comma (“,”), period (“.”) and semicolon (“;”), which make diffs larger [...]

Entertaining the kid

I have a 15 month old daughter that simply loves to play on the laptop. Pressing random keys until I notice. Because of this I have gotten into the habit of closing my laptop while not using it. This has saved me from sending lots of random messages to random people. Closing and opening my [...]