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Qunu RIP?

First, I would like to apologize to everyone who put so much effort into qunu. Current Status: The server has been taken offline. There are no backups which are current, the latest is one month old. Why: The server that was just taken offline was to be a temporary home lasting one, maybe two months. [...]

nyc erlang/ejabberd meetup

I am going to be meeting with Mickaël Rémond at an adhoc ejabberd meeting. afaik, the location is undetermined, however, I am flying out in the morning and have decided that Gramstand is as good of a place as any for now. (primarily thanks to stumbling onto a coworking blog). Will probably move onto a [...]

presence pendanticity

I just had an interesting chat with hawke about presence and transports. It may seem pedantic, but I think it strikes at an important point. A lot of clients assume that a jid must have a node; miranda,iChat,gtalk come to mind. If that jid lacks a node then it must be a transport, e.g. behave [...]

unnecessary pain

No plan survives contact with the enemy. This was made abundantly clear when Qunu was released as alpha for the public to abuse. As with any alpha there were countless problems that I dealt with on a daily basis. Clients insisting that a jid must have a node, xdata limitations in iq:register, double subscriptions, broken [...]

announcement: open qunu trial

After many long nights and lots of bug squashing we are finally ready to open up Qunu for general abuse. This is an invitation for everyone in the jabber community to try it out. Let us know what you think and how Qunu can be made better. So what is Qunu? <marketing-speak> In a nutshell, [...]

muc decline invitation second try

here is the second version of the patch. Fixes: The decline code now checks to see if it is indeed a muc packet via a namespace check. It also verifies that the decline is sent to someone, i.e. there is a to attribute value on the decline element It now determines the real jid of [...]

muc decline invitation

I just hacked this up. It works, kind of The patch is against 0.6 and not the latest cvs. Basically, the problem is that when an invitation is declined, it is sent to the room. but the sender is not in the room, so they get an error back. Of course this is incorrect behavior. [...]

legalese trivia or TOS that suck

For various arcane reasons I was inspired recently to browse the TOS (terms of service) for the big closed garden IM networks, AIM, MSN and YahooIM. Some parts are very interesting, some are simple legalese. Can I use 3rd party clients like Gaim, Miranda, etc for these networks? No You can only use the software [...]

more pretty graphs

cvs co jeps cd jeps wget wget wget sh ./ XXXX Where XXXX is a full jep number, 0045 is a nice one to test with. The colors mean: Active/Draft/Final = green Experimental/Proposed/ProtoJEP = blue Deferred/Depredated/Retracted = red unkown = black NOTE: jep 0068 points to 004 as a dep. It [...]

pretty graphs

I hacked up a quick dependency graph of all the JEPs thanks to this post from Nolan Its a combo of some simple xsl and bash, and quite simple to run yourself. cvs co jeps cd jeps wget wget sh ./ You will need libxml2, libxslt and graphviz If you want, you [...]

jabberd 2.0s10 release

The jabberd project team is pleased to announce the release of jabberd 2.0s10. This is a stable release. This release has no major outstanding issues and is considered usable in production. Downloads are available here: md5sum: e8df4a9a5680009071204d423cff2de0 Direct: Bug reports and feature requests should be submitted using the tools on General support [...]

taking over the world, slowly

I opened a bug at wikimedia to try and get default xmpp uri support. Its been closed as won’t fix and reopened. If you have anything to add to the conversation (preferably in support of it being added), please do so. The patch I submitted is up and running at and works fine.

nothing new…

… or at least nothing new for those of us that have been drinking the jabber kool aid for years now. Johannes points out some areas that are under exploited by xmpp. pubsub pubsub-rss rest/soap urls Of course, most of what he lists is already defined as jeps, and there are a few impl’s out [...]

too much

dictbot is dead! long live dictbot2! The dictionary bot I had setup on became so popular it blew up. It accumulated 2,330 roster entries, it was constantly running out of karma. I killed it and started Lets see how long it takes for ppl to kill this one

limited time offer

EDIT: warning!! links are not work safe quick! search on google for "", or just click It is most entertaining. At least we can now answer the question, "How will jabber get it's users laid?"

jabberd2 s8 released

Just rolled out jabberd2 s8. For your convenience here a shortened version of the announcement: Downloads are available here: md5sum: 96753c5e74676ace0841a4cee9f13fdb jabberd-2.0s8.tar.gz ChangeLog: * fixed s2s segfault from resolver race condition bug#59 * fixed mem leak in s2s bug#59 * added oracle support. * add keepalives to router bug#54 * fixed info in PROTOCOL [...]

pot luck soup

The debian distro is well known for being rather strict on what it accepts into its distribution. This has caused Jamin Collins to examine the licensing of jabberd 1.4.x. Turns out its quite a mess. The thread on jdev makes a good read.

jabberd 2.0s7 is out

Thanks to all the patches and contributions from the jabber community, jabberd2 has seen another release. Which means bug#14 is closed. With that we open bug#41 for all the new incoming patches As always, if you have ideas or a simple wishlist for jabberd2, add them to the wiki

more uri

The w3c announced the relaunch of URI Activity. Does this mean the now closed xmpp-wg should talk to them about xmpp-uri?

chatting about pubsub

I would like to thank Chris Mullins for asking some questions about Pubsub. Some of which I have wondered about myself.