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Fun with org mode and ssh

Quick org mode hack

OrgMode and Firefox conversations

I like to use OrgMode because I feel organized and in control. That is definitely an illusion, but it is a nice one. I am still using firefox to browse the web. Mainly because w3m doesn’t work well at all outside of plain text pages and ezbl is not yet ready. This means I am [...]


I have been using emacs for a while now. I would guess about five years. I would classify myself as a power user and not really a true emacs user. To be a ‘true’ emacs user you should at least be able to write elisp and generally hack emacs. Instead, I rely very heavily on [...]

Selecting whole buffer

Just ran into this emacs key binding. Someday I need to just read the manual and mark all the stuff I wish I knew already for later study. But since I will probably never do that here is yet another cool thing in emacs which I didn’t know about: C-x h runs the command mark-whole-buffer [...]

Emacs, the lisp OS

Not only can you edit videos in emacs now, but you can also create music. My initial response was WTF!? However, after watching the demo videos, I can see the practical uses.

I am now a jaiku lemming

I have been avoiding these social hype sites for a while now. I have simply failed to see the benefit. (besides sucking yet more of my time.) Today, stpeter posted that jaiku had a jabber interface. Anything that allows me to quickly utilize their service via emacs is very enticing. Since I use emacs-jabber jaiku [...]

strange new world

java is a strange world. I am use to ./configure && make && make install. edit a config file or two, then run it. Not so with java. First you have ant, which is java’s answer to configure && make apparently. But instead of ./configure –enable-foo they decided that java -Dant -DFOO=true is better. [...]

adventures with planning

so I wanted to get planner working… here is a wonderful account of my adventures cd $HOME/.emacs-lisp #or whatever your home elisp dir is tla register-archive tla get–2005/planner-muse–mwolson–1.0 planner tla get–2005/muse–main–1.0 muse You now have all the code needed, now we need to edit your ~/.emacs (add-to-list ‘load-path “~/.emacs-lisp/muse/lisp”) (add-to-list ‘load-path “~/.emacs-lisp/planner”) [...]

more on gnus

To continue with my adventures with gnus … bbdb and how to use it. I am just figuring this out myself, so feel free to correct/comment on this. I wanted an address book and gnus doesn’t have one built in. Plus, I am inherently lazy. Typing Joh[TAB] is more appealing than typing Besides, manually [...]

How to be like me #2

rule #1 abuse the hell out of emacs, you will learn to love it. so lets get into how to do email, the Right Way[tm] use gnus. I have 4 imap , 2 pop, and 3 nntp accounts. Its a mess. I hate email. Why not make the best of a bad situation and make [...]

How to be like me – intro

I am going to start a new series in which I will describe how I use a computer. I am doing this for a couple reasons; it may be educational to someone, hopefully people will point out areas in which I can improve. A few rules of thumb that I work by: text is preferable [...]

whats that smell?

MS is creating a new bittorrent called avalanche. I am too lazy to link so google for it. Some pointless musings: I wonder how much of Internet Explorer or MSN they are going to embed into the service. Since all XP users are now yelled at everytime they don’t have a firewall, is MS going [...]

breaking things

There are reasons for the way things are. There is the right way, the wrong way and the unix way. Tradition in the computing world has its roots in rational thinking. Those traditions should be ignored only after careful consideration. While the url might not be strictly ‘unix’, it has had a long tradition on [...]

weekly emacs tipping #3

Since I am lazy look over there

hawking infestation

Thanks to skype, I now know what all those people on my roster sound like. Turns out they all sound like Stephen Hawking. Why do people use skype? Sure its free, but the quality is so abysmal that its intollerable. You can’t talk simultaneously, there is only one level of compression (I think its the [...]

no spinach

To continue my wonderful metaphor of spinach and standards (and relating to earlier sip post). What do you do if the only spinach available is rotten? If its so rotten that it is beyond edible? What I did is starve for months on end before finally giving in and buying that fast food burger known [...]

strange hopes?

I would love to know if anyone has ever bought music hoping it was DRM enabled. And if so why? I can just imagine the thoughts running through the person’s head as they see DRM on the album: “Great! This CD will only play in a few really crappy audio players.” “Thanks to the thoughtful [...]

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breeding stupid

There is a project out there creating webisodes called Strand Venice (no link on purpose). Instead of publishing the show through the normal TV channels, they are putting up bittorrent files. Very cool, first episode is free, the rest are a nominal fee. I can get behind this and was quite excited about it. Of [...]

a good thwap of the cluestick

Hey scoble, you might want to consider not using proprietary video formats. Publishing wmv files is the technical equivalent of using WordPerfect and gopher as a blogging tool. The world has moved passed the horrible days of closed gardens. For the love of your major deity get a clue.