Monthly Archives: December 2004

now and later

I am not one to place much importance on the new year, so here is a post which is more significant than all the other drivel.

what is in a i-name?

I finally got around to setting up an i-name, =justin.kirby. Now I am left wondering what the hell I am going to do with it. I put it up on my contact page, and I sent a message to =stpeter … now what? Being able to type "" in your browser's url bar would be [...]

lazy podders need to not be lazy told me about the new EarthWatch Radio podcast. Sounded interesting, so I naturally went over to try and subscribe to the feed. Good luck on that. There is no podcast icon for me to click on There is no <meta/> in the header for firefox to pick up the feed Ipodder has no link [...]

muted voip

I have been trying to get voip working. My single requirement was that everything from the protocol to the software be FOSS. I naturally went over to installed it and promptly became lost. Thanks to the efforts of everyone on freenode's #asterisk and numerous other people I got SIP working on my lan. It [...]

recursive eureka bashing found an old Robogeek post that talks about the issues with a newbie getting into the mozilla platform. Which is comprised of xpcom, xul, etc… One thing that he fails to mention is that once you 'get it', i.e. it suddenly clicks, mozilla is a very beautiful design. When that happens you start seeing [...]

those funnels from the gas station

random thought: What is it about market places that cause them to spin around in this vortex and create single suppliers? In the geek world we had ibm, then msft, now google. In the retail world it was sears, kmart now walmart. We like to talk about DIY and the demand side supplying itself, but [...]

under the surface

People are talking about putting jabber into wordpress; here, here and here Some people are actually doing it; here Of course the jabber way is using pubsub jep-0060 with idavoll2 as discussed by ralpm All this is simple anecdotal evidence of jabber's true power. It will be everywhere and in everything. And I mean everywhere. [...]


It is great that stpeter is doing the jabber journal again. Translations are happening Now if we can just convince him to start doing the interviews again

waiting rooms

I just moved all my email list subscriptions over to gmane. I then installed leafnode and have that talking to five nntp servers for me. I use, forumzilla, lots of planets, all going into a giant imap directory. What all this means is that I have a box collecting a lot of information for [...]

obligations to the planet

Now that I am published on Planet Jabber I feel obligated to mention jabber. edrin is trying to get an interesting project going. Dealing with how to integrate xmpp/jabber into desktop apps in a sane way while minimizing the work required to do so. Thats awfully ambitious. Read his post and check out the wiki. [...]

lo-fi information density or yawncasting

alan over at cogdogblog explains why he hasn’t dived headfirst into podcasting. I agree with everything he says. However, as my 'podroll' shows, i have taken the plunge. I believe it is simply a lack of proper tools. Once the meme matures and grows tools will flow and it will be a more enjoyable and [...]


In his December 2nd podcast Where we are bound mentions the apparent fall of unions in the US and how that is a bad thing. I will be blunt, I am not a fan of worker's unions. By grouping together into a mass with a single voice the individual is stating they have no value. [...]

more fertilizer for the ego please

amayita points to a great wallpaper

too late

I have been using google alerts for a while now. I am also using pubsub service which uses xmpp/jabber internally. i have been noticing that the google alerts are becoming more and more useless. The blogosphere notifies me about information days before google can crawl it and point me to it. As Bob Wyman points [...]

nothing to wait for

doc says "why wait?" to Doug Knopper Maybe it is because there is a divide transcending the digital divide. We have what I am now dubbing the Great Blog Divide. People who do not want to participate in the conversation. People who want to be consumers. These are the unwashed masses, the majority. The ones [...]

that jabber ‘failing’ is a good thing

I recorded my first publishable podcast. In it I propose that the apparent failing of jabber is a good thing. To find out why a life long devotee thinks that have a listen… jsf-good.ogg