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jabbering about jive

After looking over the interview suggestions, I decided to go with Matt Tucker from Jive Software. Jive has released their server, Jive Messenger, under the GPL and has an open source jabber library, smack. They have a lot of interesting software using jabber. Take all those questions you have been bottling up (something your counselor [...]


I went skiing two days in a row. My body hates me now.

usable dns

My ISP generally sucks at most things. So I am invoking the almighty LazyWeb. Lately dns lookups have been slower than normal. I remember using an international free dns server network a few years ago. They had a bunch of IPs you would put in /etc/resolv.conf and you would experience dns bliss. I can't recall [...]

do standards taste like spinach?

My father uses linux. He does so because I gave him an option when he got his computer, $100+ for win32 or linux for free. He chose linux. Seeing as how he has never used a computer before the learning curve was about the same. Today he asked me about a window that amazon shoved [...]

selecting the next target

Who shall I pester next in my continuing series of "How to harass people", which you can find here, here, and here. (Aleksey's restraining order should be here by end of month). This is a question that I have been mulling over the past day or so. I originally thought Bob Wyman from would [...]

too much nice is in fact a bad thing

Earlier I wrote about getting a lot of weird comments. Turns out they were a precursor to comment spam. Just like the comments said. Luckily I have moderation on and with my simple bookmarklet it is annoying but trivial to handle (so far). I have no idea if deleting those comments immediately would have stopped [...]

infiniti speaks

Justin has answered the questions you posted, plus a few of my own. Until the issues over at are resolved the interview will be here. So without further ado, here he is. How did you get your nickname? Infinity is a simple way to express God in math terms. Not that I consider myself [...]

what the hell is this?

ok… my sister needs a recipe and so instead of emailing I figured I would post it here… have fun Ingredients 1.25 cups sugar, divided 1 cup all-purpose flour 7 tablespoons hershey’s cocoa, divided 2 teaspoons baking powder 0.25 teaspoon salt 0.5 cup milk 0.33 cup butter or margarine, meleted 1.5 teaspoons vanilla extract 0.5 [...]

long tail's reality right here

The long tail was in my back yard tonight. I just saw Break of Reality and they are by far the best group out on the tail. I have been traveling farther and farther down it for quite some time. To be honest most of what I have found is mediocre at best, my irrational [...]

why is doing something not enough?

If you are doing something, anything, for the consumption of others, please don’t talk about how great that something is. It very rapidly gets annoying and tedious. It starts a horrid trend for newbies to follow and takes a loooong time for that habit to die. So for the love of a major deity, stop! [...]

yet another cast

From the new google, I get pointed towards mobcasting … interesting


warning: I am going to start using this blog as a note taking place. misc notes on playing with freebsd from a linux user’s perspective: pkg_add is the apt/emerge pkg_add -r pkgname (-r is remote fetch) (do not know how to do a search) After installing a new app, run `rehash’ … this fixes up [...]

is a flood of nice a bad thing?

I have been getting a ton of strange comments on this blog, here, here, here, here, here, here and all over the place. Not that I am upset people find my site a great thing or a nice thing, it is just that I am use to comments which are some how related to the [...]

the interrogations continue, aleksey in the lightbulb's glare

While we are waiting for infiniti to respond to the questions now would be a good time to harass another high profile jabberite. This week's guest is Aleksey Shchepin, author of tkabber and ejabberd. He is an extremely active member of the JSF. His software has amassed an almost cult-like following which happens to include [...]

the what pod?

I simply do not get the ipod from apple. I have used several of them and its not a big deal. The interface is not all that great, the feature set is sub par, sound quality is ok at best and it is not easily hackable. Why the hell would anyone besides Aunt Tillie want [...]

continuing the search for search

To continue my ramblings about search…. Thanks to Planet RDF I ran across Autofocus by Aduna. Its pretty and it almost works. It is written in java which I am not a huge fan of. Since it is not all that graceful with handling large data sets the purpose is somewhat defeated for me. The [...]

isp turned the wrong nob or not the right more

My ISP, RoadRunner, decided that it would be a good idea to increase the downstream from 3Mbps to 4Mbps. This is great timing since I am having a purchasing orgy over at magnatune But… there is always a but… I do not really care about the downstream. Sure I can grab that 600MB iso a [...]

moving jabberd2 forward

Stephen Marquard and I are starting work on jabberd2 2.1 What does this mean? Starting a wiki to discuss what will go in 2.1 Using bugzilla at to manage patches and other buggy things Figure out how to convince people that writing code is a Good Thing …. Profit!! All those new storage and [...]

the final frontier

The Cassini space craft took some really fascinating pictures of Iapetus. Check them out here, and here. I especially like this one

musical roulette

Over at they are playing with a new 'meme' (yes I hate that term as much as you do.) called musical roulette. Basically you load up all your music, select shuffle, and see what the first ten songs are. Of course I had to try this, so here are my results: The Cynic Project [...]