Monthly Archives: February 2005

the good p2p

I stumbled apon Coral today. A simple but ingenious idea for p2p web caching. Definitely worth a look. To use it simply go to instead of and you will be using the p2p cache. Of course there is a firefox extension written which works pretty well. It is not possible to run your [...]

more uri

The w3c announced the relaunch of URI Activity. Does this mean the now closed xmpp-wg should talk to them about xmpp-uri?

jid etiquette

I just posted a href to a xmpp uri in my previous post. I just realized this is most likely rude, somewhat like posting someone’s email address. If I mention someone’s name I go through a list of things to use as a link for that name. blog personal page xmpp uri imo not linking [...]

chatting about pubsub

I would like to thank Chris Mullins for asking some questions about Pubsub. Some of which I have wondered about myself.

Comedy of the Commons

ITConversations has just posted a speech by Lawrence Lesig. I am about half way through it, and it is definitely worth a listen. In fact I plan on burning it to CDs and handing it out to people. Please do the same.

sewer fish

I just read Fred’s phishing dilemma, so here is my response: Would you pick up a defecated business card from the depths of NYC’s sewer system and expect it to be a good deal? Then why on earth are you placing some insane judging system on email? If people are still using email as their [...]

bash newism

restarting my newism with a stupid bash thing I discovered. so without further ado here is the stupid bash thing (from my earlier post) You can pipe the output of for. for i in `echo “1 4 3 5 2″`; do   echo $i done | sort -n There you have it, my stupid bash newism [...]

just in case you missed this

The fundamental question that every software designer must ask is, “How will this get my users laid?”

border crossing

Peter St Andre talks about living without an ID. I have a fantasy of doing exactly that. The question I have is if you do not have any form of government issued ID, how would you leave the country? And if you did, how would you get back in?


I have been playing with ispell lately (don’t ask me why). So naturally I wondered what the longest word in the english dictionary was. $ for w in `cat`; do echo -n $w | wc -m; done | sort -n | tail -n 1 28 So what was that word that is 28 characters [...]

two easy

People are constantly babbling about ‘ease of use’ and ‘intuitive software’ (at least to me when I mention linux and foss). I point out to them what they really mean is either ‘more windows-like’ or ‘easy to learn’, not necessarily easy to use. There are two kinds of easy which are mutually exclusive: easy to [...]

seeing transparency

Hey doc, check out the people over at, they get it. Edit: I bought a neuros when they first came out, (back when iPods required a second mortgage) and it is definitely one of the better audio players out there. You just can’t go wrong with ogg (and soon flac) support.

why I don’t like blogs

Someone finally explained to me why I don’t like blogs.

no idea

The gapingvoid just posed an interesting question To be honest, I have no idea what the answer is. The one that went with windows would have benefits in immediate cost savings, but those would be quickly drowned out in administrative overhead. The mac people win with productivity via stability and ease of use, but they [...]

dosing with the doctor

The Radio Adventures of Dr. Floyd is a great way to get a quick dose of humor. I highly recommend subscribing to the podcast

my definition of decency

Read THE X-ON CONGRESS: INDECENT COMMENT ON AN INDECENT SUBJECT by Steve Russell. Thanks to searls for the link

spam, its good for something

I setup a wiki for jabberd2. I now know that it finally has an established presence out there on the net. This means that people can find it and will hopefully use it. How do I know this? The main page just experienced its first spam. My new theory is that if the wiki spammers [...]

watching it grow

For the first time in a looong time I looked at a bill before it was passed. This was the result of a friend asking me how he could find out who is rep. is. So I looked at S.5 which has something to do with the class action law reform. I just find it [...]

the anti-aunt tillie

We have all dealt with the clueless user that is beyond help. They are the developer’s nemesis, an entire discipline of computer science has evolved to help us deal with them, Julian is a student. In fact we have become so frustrated with this phenomemon that we even named it, Aunt Tillie My question is; [...]

shell games

The wonderful world of TCO. Anyone with two functioning brain cells knows its a bunch of crap. My point? Why not have two numbers? TCO and TCC. TCO: total cost of ownership TCC: total cost of change That way you can get twice the amount of crap for the same price!