Monthly Archives: March 2005

jabberd 2.0s7 is out

Thanks to all the patches and contributions from the jabber community, jabberd2 has seen another release. Which means bug#14 is closed. With that we open bug#41 for all the new incoming patches As always, if you have ideas or a simple wishlist for jabberd2, add them to the wiki

tired of being sick

I have managed to go 4yrs without getting so much as a cold. I have contracted all manner of illnesses this month. Finishing up (so I hope) my 3rd flu-like thing this month. I need a new immune system

gentoo joins the 21st century

gentoo finally got a planet over at! … and there was much rejoicing

redefining google juice

good stuff by Shelly Powers

about time

Thank your major deity, meta blogging is finally dead. Rejoice and be glad in it.