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strange hopes?

I would love to know if anyone has ever bought music hoping it was DRM enabled. And if so why? I can just imagine the thoughts running through the person’s head as they see DRM on the album: “Great! This CD will only play in a few really crappy audio players.” “Thanks to the thoughtful [...]

limited time offer

EDIT: warning!! links are not work safe quick! search on google for "", or just click It is most entertaining. At least we can now answer the question, "How will jabber get it's users laid?"

jabberd2 s8 released

Just rolled out jabberd2 s8. For your convenience here a shortened version of the announcement: Downloads are available here: md5sum: 96753c5e74676ace0841a4cee9f13fdb jabberd-2.0s8.tar.gz ChangeLog: * fixed s2s segfault from resolver race condition bug#59 * fixed mem leak in s2s bug#59 * added oracle support. * add keepalives to router bug#54 * fixed info in PROTOCOL [...]

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Today I ran across fuse. A very simple elegant way to put random things into the filesystem. I especially like sshfs-fuse. It lets you put any remote dir accessible via ssh into your local fs. very very handy. Looking forward experimenting with the webdav plugin once I get it working on apache.

breeding stupid

There is a project out there creating webisodes called Strand Venice (no link on purpose). Instead of publishing the show through the normal TV channels, they are putting up bittorrent files. Very cool, first episode is free, the rest are a nominal fee. I can get behind this and was quite excited about it. Of [...]

a good thwap of the cluestick

Hey scoble, you might want to consider not using proprietary video formats. Publishing wmv files is the technical equivalent of using WordPerfect and gopher as a blogging tool. The world has moved passed the horrible days of closed gardens. For the love of your major deity get a clue.

weekly emacs tipping

Due to popular demand, here is a randomly useful thing you should know about emacs. Something you should have in your ~/.emacs (require ‘iswitchb) (iswitchb-mode t) This turns on the extraordinary iswitchb mode causing no end of buffer switching delight.

pot luck soup

The debian distro is well known for being rather strict on what it accepts into its distribution. This has caused Jamin Collins to examine the licensing of jabberd 1.4.x. Turns out its quite a mess. The thread on jdev makes a good read.

entertaining uselessness

Yet another example of our incessant need to track and categorize things. Someone already added "jabber", so as any good jabberite would do, I add "xmpp". (looks like it takes a while to gather data.) Rant: And the "Click here to enter" is annoying as hell. Why the bloody hell do you think I went [...]

april is here

A quick collection of some of today’s good stuff Let me know of any others Updates: