Monthly Archives: May 2005

the joys of control

I just emerge world -u qmail had a new ebuild posted so that got upgraded, with new configs. I noticed the new conf-* files and faithfully ran etc-update to interactively merge them. The next 40min was spent figuring out why my gentoo system just puked all over itself. turns out that a bunch of hardcoded [...]

breaking things

There are reasons for the way things are. There is the right way, the wrong way and the unix way. Tradition in the computing world has its roots in rational thinking. Those traditions should be ignored only after careful consideration. While the url might not be strictly ‘unix’, it has had a long tradition on [...]

weekly emacs tipping #3

Since I am lazy look over there

hawking infestation

Thanks to skype, I now know what all those people on my roster sound like. Turns out they all sound like Stephen Hawking. Why do people use skype? Sure its free, but the quality is so abysmal that its intollerable. You can’t talk simultaneously, there is only one level of compression (I think its the [...]

no spinach

To continue my wonderful metaphor of spinach and standards (and relating to earlier sip post). What do you do if the only spinach available is rotten? If its so rotten that it is beyond edible? What I did is starve for months on end before finally giving in and buying that fast food burger known [...]