Monthly Archives: June 2005

nothing new…

… or at least nothing new for those of us that have been drinking the jabber kool aid for years now. Johannes points out some areas that are under exploited by xmpp. pubsub pubsub-rss rest/soap urls Of course, most of what he lists is already defined as jeps, and there are a few impl’s out [...]

another happy skyper

Looks like someone else is unhappy with the way skype works: Not the same problem as my earlier rant, in fact its a bit more thorough.

whats that smell?

MS is creating a new bittorrent called avalanche. I am too lazy to link so google for it. Some pointless musings: I wonder how much of Internet Explorer or MSN they are going to embed into the service. Since all XP users are now yelled at everytime they don’t have a firewall, is MS going [...]

too much

dictbot is dead! long live dictbot2! The dictionary bot I had setup on became so popular it blew up. It accumulated 2,330 roster entries, it was constantly running out of karma. I killed it and started Lets see how long it takes for ppl to kill this one