Monthly Archives: August 2005

taking over the world, slowly

I opened a bug at wikimedia to try and get default xmpp uri support. Its been closed as won’t fix and reopened. If you have anything to add to the conversation (preferably in support of it being added), please do so. The patch I submitted is up and running at and works fine.

more on gnus

To continue with my adventures with gnus … bbdb and how to use it. I am just figuring this out myself, so feel free to correct/comment on this. I wanted an address book and gnus doesn’t have one built in. Plus, I am inherently lazy. Typing Joh[TAB] is more appealing than typing Besides, manually [...]

How to be like me #2

rule #1 abuse the hell out of emacs, you will learn to love it. so lets get into how to do email, the Right Way[tm] use gnus. I have 4 imap , 2 pop, and 3 nntp accounts. Its a mess. I hate email. Why not make the best of a bad situation and make [...]