Monthly Archives: November 2005

I would like another one plz

We already are dealing with the fallout of our current monoculture. Why do we want another one? A good post over at

closing the open

A great post over at the Standards Consortium Blog about the latest rounds in opening office documents. You can read the whole post, which I recommend. Or you can simply look at the uml cartoon I made over at my other blog


Lets say someone starts performing fradulent transactions using your various accounts, commonly referred to as ‘identity theft’. The problem really comes in when you try to clean up your ‘reputation’ in the financial world, aka your credit report. All this false information is being spread about you. The financial institutions are spreading lies hindering your [...]

simple steps to privacy

well, almost. epic has a list by hoofnagle of ten simple things that you can do to safe guard your pivacy. Definitely worth a look

Go Flock Yourself, Web2.0 is the anti-open source

Go Flock Yourself brings up a good point in the Web2.0 is the anti-open sourcepost. Maybe its time to rewrite some licenses, a GPL 3? Another issue is what happens when javascript code is published under the LGPL? Something like jsjac, its ambiguous at best.

strange new world

java is a strange world. I am use to ./configure && make && make install. edit a config file or two, then run it. Not so with java. First you have ant, which is java’s answer to configure && make apparently. But instead of ./configure –enable-foo they decided that java -Dant -DFOO=true is better. [...]

legalese trivia or TOS that suck

For various arcane reasons I was inspired recently to browse the TOS (terms of service) for the big closed garden IM networks, AIM, MSN and YahooIM. Some parts are very interesting, some are simple legalese. Can I use 3rd party clients like Gaim, Miranda, etc for these networks? No You can only use the software [...]

web apis

Reading Evslin’s why not apis post I wondered how google makes money on their api. If the api is free and you can’t control the rendering of the api, then how does an ad company like google make money? I am reminded of a story my grandfather told me when I was a kid (he [...]

adventures with planning

so I wanted to get planner working… here is a wonderful account of my adventures cd $HOME/.emacs-lisp #or whatever your home elisp dir is tla register-archive tla get–2005/planner-muse–mwolson–1.0 planner tla get–2005/muse–main–1.0 muse You now have all the code needed, now we need to edit your ~/.emacs (add-to-list ‘load-path “~/.emacs-lisp/muse/lisp”) (add-to-list ‘load-path “~/.emacs-lisp/planner”) [...]