Monthly Archives: January 2006

muc decline invitation second try

here is the second version of the patch. Fixes: The decline code now checks to see if it is indeed a muc packet via a namespace check. It also verifies that the decline is sent to someone, i.e. there is a to attribute value on the decline element It now determines the real jid of [...]

muc decline invitation

I just hacked this up. It works, kind of The patch is against 0.6 and not the latest cvs. Basically, the problem is that when an invitation is declined, it is sent to the room. but the sender is not in the room, so they get an error back. Of course this is incorrect behavior. [...]

what if I want out?

Fred pointed me to Matt’s We Media Deal Which is all fine and good. What I want to know is; Can I opt out? I want another value path for the transaction. Sometimes I want to be able to just acquire the content. Especially if its something static like video or audio. I don’t want [...]

rss2email with podcast support

The other day I got really tired of While it is a great and simple solution, it has quite a few limitations, namely podcasts were completely separate from my regular feeds. I like automation, I particularly like automation that I can ignore. I have been using rss2email for a while. I even hacked it [...]