Monthly Archives: November 2009

Searching for the internet’s tea person

For many years I have been making really great coffee. Everyone who drinks it is amazed at how good the coffee is. While I would love to claim that I am some kind of coffee prodigy, I simply follow Tom at Sweet Marias. The guy is pure passion. All his product recommendations and bean selections [...]

Random Observation

I noticed something the other day. It was surprising at first, then the more I thought about it the more I realized it made sense. You have classic works like Don Quixote that have created iconic cultural terms; "I felt like I was tilting at windmills." There is big-endian vs little-endian created by Gulliver’s travels [...]

There are reasons markets are under served

Things I knew before I started, but ignored: There is usually a reason that markets are under served. Here is some background before I get to the real story. I am somewhat involved in boy scouts, my son is a Webelo II and I volunteer for that I can. Last summer I volunteered to coordinate [...]