Monthly Archives: November 2010

dot emacs conf00.d

Earlier I gave a brief overview of how my config file is loaded. The first directory loaded is ~/.emacs.lisp/conf00.d/ Where we find the following files: bbdb.el dired.el misc.el paren.el ui.el uniquify.el bbdb I do not have anything particularly interesting or fancy here. It loads bbdb and adds it to a hook. (add-to-list ‘load-path “/usr/share/emacs/site-lisp/bbdb”) (add-to-list [...]


I have been using emacs for a while now. I would guess about five years. I would classify myself as a power user and not really a true emacs user. To be a ‘true’ emacs user you should at least be able to write elisp and generally hack emacs. Instead, I rely very heavily on [...]

Audio desires

Current Situation I have a significant lack of audio options in my house and I love listening to music. I spend most of my time in my office which does have good audio. However, when I am in the rest of the house the options are severely limited. The wife and I both have laptops [...]

Cooperative for a tablet?

Background I stumbled onto a post about android which provides a contrarian view on the ‘fragmentation of android’. Most pundits are pointing out how fragmented the android platform has become and how that is a weakness when compared to the unified front of iOS. The android app market has also been dubbed ‘The Wild West’ [...]