Monthly Archives: January 2011

Entertaining the kid

I have a 15 month old daughter that simply loves to play on the laptop. Pressing random keys until I notice. Because of this I have gotten into the habit of closing my laptop while not using it. This has saved me from sending lots of random messages to random people. Closing and opening my [...] Updates for 2011-01-20

@trashbird1240 ha! I saw that conversation. I was entertained # @tius that just went into ~/.emacs thanks # finally made it to a LUG. been a while #

OrgMode and Firefox conversations

I like to use OrgMode because I feel organized and in control. That is definitely an illusion, but it is a nice one. I am still using firefox to browse the web. Mainly because w3m doesn’t work well at all outside of plain text pages and ezbl is not yet ready. This means I am [...]