Think before writing

I need to start thinking before I write. Or at least verify my assertions.

The other day I posted about the n900 and droid root exploit. Well, as Brenton pointed out you can get dev versions of droids that have root without needing to resort to bit twiddling boot loaders. I foolishly assumed that since someone did it, that it was necessary to do. sigh

Then I assumed the drivers for wifi and cell radio were closed binary drivers. Felipe Contreras quickly corrected me on that assertion.

In a previous post I jumped too far ahead of myself and was promptly thwapped by rtaycher.

My mindless ramblings make me look like a fool. However, the upside is that I learn a lot of new info by being corrected in my false reasoning. Which I love. The downside is that by being incorrect all the time, people may stop listening. I suppose as with most things in life, I just need to find the balance to create that elusive moderation.

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  1. I think “fool” is a bit strong word. It’s usually a good idea to re-check facts before posting, but we can never have all the information :) Although I agree, comments are good :D

    Thursday, December 10, 2009 at 8:04 pm #