Too many options

I have started a new job at the awesome Voalte. As a quick overview we do hospital voice, alarm and text (thus the VoAlTe) using ejabberd, freeswitch,
nitrogen, etc, on the backend and iphone on the frontend. It is a slick solution to the communication problem that faces hospital staff.

I have *just* started this week. I am getting acquainted with everything and trying to absorb the code and culture as best I can. I will try to refrain from speaking directly about it for a while, since I am new. Perhaps later I will talk about my experiences in more detail.

I have volunteered to research and implement a configuration management solution. The goal is to provide precise control over deploying and configuring thousands of computers on disparate networks. This is quite a challenge and it is somewhat difficult to find a tool that meets all of our requirements.

I have looked extensively at puppet, chef, spacewalk and cfengine. They all have great features. However, as with anything there are trade offs.

I will say that it is great to have new and interesting challenges so quickly.

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  1. CuongLe wrote::

    I think you had a great opportunity and had to take it. Congrats and good luck to my brother :)

    Sunday, September 5, 2010 at 10:20 am #